Filters Version:
Model: Type: Protocol:
Compression: Remote Search: Audio:
Multi-Stream: Remote Detection: I/O:
HD Failure: Remote Analytics: PTZ:
Edge recording playback: Remote LPR: Firmware:

Type Protocol Model Compres. Max.
M. S. Audio PTZ R. S. R. D. R. A. R. L. N. S. I/O Ch. HD F.

Note1: We don´t garantee the total compatibility of the ONVIF and RTSP devices. These devices may need some adjusts of development in our system;

It´s important verify the correct version of the homologated firmware for a perfect functioning of the system;

Note3: Similar devices can work with similar models of this list, but we cannot guarantee full compatibility;

Note4: The remote search feature in DVRs/Capture Boards can only be guaranteed in some specific models and firmwares.

Consult our support for more information.